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We charge a flat rate of $4 US for 1000 stitches. This method helps us avoid the arbitrary nature of other charging techniques. Note that there is a minimum of US$12 per design. We do offer discounts for high stitch designs (over 20,000 stitches). The higher the stitch count, the higher the discount. Feel free to send us a free quotation request.

Our costs work in the following manner:

No. of Stitches
Price (US$)
0 - 3000
3001 - 4000
4001 - 5000

For designs that were initially digitized by us, we offer 1000 additional stitches free!! That is our quality guarantee. Additional stitches over 1000 are charged at $4 US per 1000 stitches.
Designs that were not digitized by us are charged an initial fee of $5 US plus additional stitches fee of $4 US for every additional 1000 stitches.

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